Fake Cakes

I have wanted to make these for a while and have followed several sites on You Tube. I have found them frustrating because they tend to be American and I am not sure about the products they are using. I must give credit to a site called ‘The Pink Tree’ – she is certainly worth a look. I did make one batch of cakes following her instructions but they didn’t resemble anything like hers, but it did give me the basics of how to create these cupcakes.

They make great gifts and just popped here and there on a shelf, are great fillers for display.

Below is the process I used and before we start, here is a list of the products you need to create these everlasting cupcakes:

  1. Cupcake Cases

  2. Expanding Foam

  3. Interior Ready Mixed Filler

  4. Odour Free Varnish

  5. Paintbrushes [good quality]

  6. Acrylic Paint

  7. Embellishments for top of cupcake

  8. Muffin Tin

  9. Clear Drying Glue

How to Make Them

Place some cupcake cases in a standard size muffin tin. It’s important to weight the cases and so I use washers which are stuck to the bottom of the case with glue. These are just slightly smaller in diameter.

The next part is the tricky bit as you have to put the expanding foam into each case. The make we used is the ‘No Nonsense Expanding Foam’ and you have to shake it a lot before inserting the nozzle that is provided with it. You can only use the nozzle once and so it’s wise to have a spare pack and we use the ‘Diall’ nozzles – they are long plastic tubes.

You only have to put a small amount in each case but the aim is to achieve a rounded dome. I found it’s best to level each case with a lollipop stick. When I followed The Pink Tree, she just put the foam in and left it which meant that the cakes were a random shape and therefore more difficult to pipe. The foam expands quite quickly and it’s best to leave the ‘cakes’ to one side overnight.

In the photo you can see the domes created for the cakes. They are rounded due to flattening the expanding foam.

Now it’s time to paint the domes and this is done with acrylic paint. I have small plastic deli pots which I use to mix the colours and if you keep them airtight the paint remains pliable. I try to mix colours to realistically represent cakes such as vanilla, chocolate etc.

Below is a photo of the painted ‘cakes’.

The paint is very easy to apply and dries quickly. Use a small brush to just paint down the crinkle part of the cake case.

Now it’s time to start thinking about the frosting which is made with the filler. As you can see in the photo we use Diall which gives a good substance just perfect for piping.

Place some in a bowl and stir round – I use a lollipop stick. You can add some acrylic paint for colour but you don’t want to put in too much as it will affect the filler. Same as adding professional food colouring. Stir this round and then place in a piping bag, inserting a suitable large nozzle to create the swirl.

Although the cake will stand up on its own because of the weight you have placed in the bottom of the case, it is a good idea to get someone to hold it. Pipe the swirl on top of the cake and place the embellishment on the top. It’s better to do it now because it can set into the swirl nicely and looks more realistic when dry.

When dry you can paint using acrylic paint. You will find the paint goes on really easily. You need a fine brush to just paint round the edge of the swirl and embellishment.

You can use low odour varnish to finish the cake if you want, but this is personal choice. Below are some cakes I have made to give you ideas.

With regard to embellishments, silk flowers, fake cherries and silk clay objects are ideal. The roses in the photo on the far right are made from silk clay which is brilliant to work with. I coloured the white clay using food colours – Colour Splash Raspberry and Leaf Green. Like when colouring icing, you only need the tiniest amount. Just pop it into a silicon mould and leave to dry for a couple of hours.

I hope you enjoy this blog and have a go at making these cakes. As I said, once you get the expanding foam mastered, the sky is the limit.


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