Introducing Repeat Repeat

We are delighted to introduce a new supplier – Repeat Repeat – discovered at the Autumn Fair by Liz and Dave. They were attracted by the beautiful white bone china, striking designs and originality.

The company is based in Stoke-on-Trent and the owners are passionate about manufacturing their designs in the UK. Stoke on Trent is world renowned for quality bone china and the founders, Gillian and Mark, are striving to keep alive the centuries old crafts and skills of the area.

As the photo shows, the products are both unique and contemporary. The skinny mug for example, keeps your hot drinks warm for longer and the handle is a sensible size to pick up comfortably.

The shop has an objective of stocking and selling UK-based products and Repeat Repeat fits the bill perfectly. We are finding more and more people want to support UK designers and manufacturers – they offer excellent quality and good value for money.

A second order has already been placed with the company as the first cohort is selling extremely well.

We are becoming well known for our range of china mugs and tea-cups and be sure to visit the shop for a different, yet affordable, quality gift.