Why we love Silverwood

We do like to source UK manufactured items in the shop and that is why we love Silverwood Bakeware. It is designed and made in Birmingham and has many qualities which makes it a first choice for both professional and home-bakers.

The brand is produced using a special alloy which is a highly efficient heat conductor. All tins are easy-release and easy clean with the added bonus they can never rust, blister or peel. It is there durability which also attracts bakers – they are a tin or pan for life.

The classic deep round cake pan is ideal for Christmas, Celebrations and Weddings. The heat conduction is so good, you will find that you can reduce your cooking time quite significantly. Removing the cake is simple with the loose bottom.

The square cake pan might appear expensive but is an investment worth making. Every side is exactly the same length and the corners are absolutely at right angles – just demonstrating the brilliance of UK engineering. Each pan is virtually handmade as each corner is carefully seam-welded by hand and this gives extra strength. They cook brilliantly too.

The sandwich tins are so popular at the moment with the trend in naked, semi-naked, tall and rainbow cakes. With the vertical sides and loose bottoms coupled with the alloy formula, each cake is guaranteed to turn out a winner. There is no need to line the tin – just use cake release – another time-saver for the busy baker.

Whatever pan you are using, there is one key rule – it must be hand washed and that is important. We feel all cake pans and tins should be hand washed for longevity.

The price of Silverwood pans/tins is on the shops FB page under Notes and more ranges are stocked all the time.

In summary, if you are thinking of buying new bakeware, take a look at Silverwood before making a purchase – not only are you getting a great tin, but you are supporting British industry.