Guide to Ivory Lace Cupcakes

Lace on lace cupcake

This is an elegant lacy and floral cupcake, perfect for a vintage wedding.

To make the flowers you can either use just florist paste or a mixture of half fondant, half florist paste.

Using the Blossom Sugar Art cutters, select the two primrose cutters, one is larger than the other. Roll out the half and half fondant and cut two large primroses and two small ones. Place them on a foam mat and using the petal tool [from the tool kit] manipulate the petals by pressing twice on each petal [once on each side]. Using the very small ball tool, quickly press the centre of the flower so that it ‘perks’ up. Repeat this process for the smaller flower. When the flowers have dried, using edible glue, affix the smaller to the larger and place a pearl in the centre.

To form the bow, the Katy Sue Mould has been used. Just use a mixture of fondant and florist paste and place a small amount in the mould. You may need a light dusting of corn flour to help with this. Ensure that the mould is full to the top but there is a flat surface. Just ease the mould each side and the bow should pop up. Leave on the foam mat or a piece of kitchen towel to dry.

The cupcake is topped with the Katy Sue Vintage Lace Work mat imprint. This is achieved by rolling fondant across the mat, peeling it off and then with the appropriate circle. This is then placed on the cupcake.

The first step is to cut off a piece of cake lace which is then pleated and affixed to the top using edible glue. The two flowers are then affixed [again with glue] – make sure one overlaps the other. The bow is then placed at the front of the first flower.

Fantasy Floral Wedding Cupcake

This is such a pretty cupcake and so easy to make.

The principle of the flower is the same as for the frangipani lily. To make the petals you need florist paste and using the rose petal cutter of your choice cut out five petals. Place them on the foam mat and using the large ball tool, gently roll in the centre of the petal. You do not need to frill the edges. Take one petal and glue half way along the right hand side, place another petal on to the glue and repeat the process until you have a fan shape. Picking up the fan, roll gently and then glue the first petal to the last. Place the petals so that you have the desired shape and leave to dry.

The centre of the flower is the same as that for the first cupcake – use the two primrose cutters. Leave to dry and then using edible glue, affix to the larger flower.

The cupcake is topped with ivory fondant and then a piece of mantilla lace cake lace is cut and pleated. Affix the pleated end of the lace to the cupcake with edible glue and then place some glue on the bottom of the flower and position on top of the lace. Rearrange the lace to suit the design.

Wedding Fantasy Flower

This flower is placed on an ivory fondant cupcake. On top of the fondant is a cake lace doily which has been affixed with edible glue. Small pearls have been placed in the lacy circle at the edge of the doily.

The flower is made by selecting the first five circle cutters in the cutter set. Starting with the biggest, roll out some florist paste and cut the circle. Place on the foam mat and using the larger ball tool, make a frilly edge. You have to place the tool half on the mat, half on the paste and then roll the ball gently around the circle. Also, use the ball tool in a circular motion in the centre of the flower to create a ‘saucer’ effect. Repeat the process with a smaller circle at each stage. Place the layers of the flower inside each other and then place in a flower former.

The centre of the flower is made by using the two primrose cutters but this time placing the flowers inside the frilly flower so that they dry in position. This keeps the continuity of the theme.

Leave the whole flower to dry in the former and place a pearl in the centre. When dry, affix to the centre of the doily using edible glue.

Floral Vintage Cameo

The cameo for this cake has been made using the Katy Sue cameo mould. The cameo is separate from the frame which provides versatility. Using a half and half mix coloured black [using the Rainbow Dust Pro Gel] place a small amount in the centre of the mould and spread thinly across the facial section. Then using half and half ivory, smooth across the whole mould. When released, the black outline will appear on the ivory cameo which creates an impressive embellishment.

The bow is made using half and half paste and the Katy Sue bow mould. The flowers are made using the primrose cutters as described above.

To form the cupcake, place some cake lace in the centre which acts as a frame. Using edible glue, place the cameo in the centre and the bow at the bottom. Affix the two smaller flowers on the right hand side above the bow and the larger flower on the left-hand side. Then just add some pearls at the top, using edible glue.

These four cupcakes would make an impressive array for a cupcake tower. Each one could represent a different flavour and they are designed to complement each other and create a consistent theme. You could enhance them by using lustre dust in soft gold and ivory.