Buttercream Icing

Basic Vanilla Buttercream Icing

The following ingredients makes:


- 250g unsalted butter softened

- 2 tsp vanilla extract

- 600g icing sugar

- 2tbsp double cream or milk, plus extra for thinning

colouring paste [optional]

Cream the butter and vanilla together with an electric whisk.

Add the icing sugar, beating well.

Beat in the cream and continue mixing until the icing is light and fluffy.

Transfer to a bowl and add colouring paste a little at a time until you achieve the

desired colour.

The icing should be firm enough to hold a knife upright but soft enough to be piped.

Chocolate Buttercream

Follow the steps above but after betting in the milk [instead of cream], add 8tbsp of

cocoa powder and beat until fluffy.

Lemon or Orange Buttercream

Cream the butter with the icing sugar and leave out the vanilla extract. Instead of

using cream, use lemon or orange juice of one lemon. Add the lemon or orange

zest of one fruit when the icing is smooth

Coffee Buttercream

The icing has a light coffee flavour but it can be strengthened by using stronger

coffee. Beat together the butter, sugar and vanilla extract. Use only 1tbsp of cream

and then 2tbsp of strong coffee such as expresso which has been cooled. For a

slightly marbled appearance, lightly whisk in 2tbsp of coffee powder instead.

Cream Cheese Buttercream

Mix the butter, sugar and vanilla extract together. Omit the cream and add 7ozs of

full-fat cream cheese which has been drained in a sieve. Keep 300g of icing sugar

of additional icing sugar to hand and add more to achieve the desired consistency.


For flavoured buttercreams replace the vanilla with another natural extract such as

a nut or fruit extract. Try flavour pairings such as mint and chocolate. You could

even use pure oils such as lemon, orange, or lavender. Start with one drop and

taste before adding more.