Edible Cake Lace

Being a fan of vintage-inspired cakes I bought the Sugar Veil mats, spreader and mix when it was first launched. I thought it was marvellous until Cake Lace by Claire Bowman was launched. Claire inspired me at the outset of my cake page ‘Vintage Rose’ and I have been a huge fan of her cake designs. Her usage of edible cake lace, whether it be Sugar Veil or her own Cake Lace has been truly inspirational.

Cake Lace is now available in the shop – currently being offered as a set with the Chantilly lace mat, mix and spreader. I hope to extend the range and sell products separately.

I have used the Cake Lace and found it extremely easy to use. With Sugar Veil it has to be left for a while to ‘set’. However, Cake Lace can be ready for use in 30 minutes. It is easy to remove from the mat and can also be used on Sugar Veil and similar silicon lace mats. I made some three weeks ago and it is still pliable – there is no flaking or cracking.

The Cake Lace can be easily coloured through the use of powders, gel colours or airbrush colours. To use, mix as directed, and then spread the icing mix over the mat. The spreader is much easier to use than the Sugar Veil one and therefore you can gain better coverage. You can take the option to bake the lace for 12-15 minutes and after a cooling period of 5 minutes, it is ready for use..

Here is a photo of my first attempt at using Cake Lace on a top cake and matching cupcakes. I was so impressed with the results and like Sugar Veil the mat can also be used with fondant if you don’t want to make up the lace. It was very flexible

, easy to use, dust, colour etc. The design possibilities are also limitless.