The Three Little Roses

I always find imprint mats are a quick and easy way to create an impressive cupcake. I often use mats intended for card making as they are cheaper than some of the cake supply versions. The one in the photo is one of my personal favourites. It’s the one in the bottom right with the three little roses.

To create this effect you just need to spread buttercream on top of your cupcake – making sure you have a flat surface.

Then dust the imprint mat lightly with cornflour – I always keep mine in a muslin pouch tied with a ribbon as this gives a light dusting and saves wastage.

Roll the fondant over the mat with a silicon rolling pin, ensuring that you have enough to cover the top of the cupcake. Remove from the mat – it should peel off easily due to the cornflour and you will be able to see the pattern.

Select the right size circular cutter [you need to ensure the whole cupcake is covered] and then cut a circle.

Place on top of the cupcake, pressing the edges lightly and making sure that the pattern is not spoilt.

If done in ivory, dusting the top of the cupcake with Pearl Ivory dusting powder, gives a gorgeous effect for weddings.

The roses are just simple ribbon roses made in a primrose coloured fondant and dusted with Antique Gold.

The leaves have been made with a cutter and veiner, then dusted with Spring Green and a hint of Damask Rose

How To Make The Ribbon Roses

  1. Colour up your fondant if required

  2. Take a small piece and roll it into a ball shape

  3. Place on the mat and roll out until it is quite thin. The shape does not have to be exact – just an uneven rectangle. Fold it in half.

  4. Place this on the foam mat and using the balling tool, round the edges as you did for the other rose petals and leaves. The edge should be quite frilly

  5. Pick up the shape and from one end start rolling the strip round and round until you have run out of paste. Because the edges are frilly the appearance of a rose should already be apparent

  6. Squeeze the bottom of the rose and break off the remaining fondant with your fingers or with a craft knife

  7. Leave on a drying mat or wavy foam tray and then if you like you can dust it with power

How To Make The Leaves

  1. For the leaves you need to colour some fondant/florist paste a green colour.

  2. Roll out the fondant on the cel mat so it is quite thin

  3. Select a cutter and cut out some leaves

  4. Peel off the mat and place on the veiner – press down the other side of the veiner

  5. Place the leaf on the foam mat and using the ball tool, gently press along the leaf so that half is on the mat and half is on the leaf.

  6. This will give the leaf movement. There is no need to press too hard or you could tear the leaf.

  7. With the leaf you will need to dust it but it needs to dry first

  8. When dry, select a colour and place some of the dusting powder on a kitchen towel

  9. Use a clean brush and pick up a small amount of the powder and gently brush on the leaf.

  10. You can use different shades to make the leaf more natural. You can see that I have used a reddish colour which has gently been dusted on top of the green

  11. Please ask in store if you would like this demonstrated...