Finishing Touches Privacy Policy


The purpose of this policy is to provide you with details of how we collect and process personal data.


Liz Pell is the data controller and is the only person who handles personal information via the email This is a fully secure site with anti-virus software that is constantly updated. Liz is the owner of Finishing Touches Ltd which is based at 23 St Mary Street, St Mary Centre, Thornbury, Bristol BS35 2AB.


Why is data collected


  1. A phone number or email address may be kept if a customer makes a special request for an item to be ordered. This could be held online or via hardcopy in the Order Book.

  2. A customer’s name and phone number is kept in hardcopy format in the ‘Hiring Diary’. This is used by Liz and the two part-time members of staff. It is kept behind the counter and is not accessible to the general public.

  3. A customer makes an enquiry about a cake order and details are recorded via hardcopy if it is a telephone message or a person calls into the shop.

  4. A customer requests to go on the mailing list for Cake School and this is done via email.


What happens to the data


The numbered points correspond to the ones in the paragraph above

  1. Once the order has been honoured, the email is deleted from the email account which is The hardcopy details are removed from the Order Book and no carbon copy is kept.

  2. The ‘Hiring Diary’ is a ‘week at a time’ hardcopy book which runs for a year. Once the tin is returned the booking details are striked through. It is not possible to automate this system as quick and easy access to the book is required – it is not practical to have a laptop or tablet on the counter. We ensure that the customer views the removal of personal details when the tin is returned.

  3. Whatever the method of communication, written details are recorded on a message pad. The information will include the name of the caller and telephone number or email address. This is passed to the appropriate cake decorator who then becomes the data holder. If the data is in electronic format via the shop’s email, this is forwarded to the appropriate cake holder and the message is deleted. It is kept in the ‘delete’ folder for 7 days and then permanently deleted.

  4. The email information for the Cake School website is stored via Mail Chimp which has an up-to-date and reviewed Privacy Policy. The details are not kept on the shop’s email account. Everyone on the list has requested their name to be entered via email. Mailings about courses are made using the Mail Chimp facility and there is an Unsubscribe button if people wish to leave the site. Changes are made to email addresses as and when required to ensure that the information is up-to-date. Only the email is kept – the fields for addresses and telephone numbers are not necessary. No contact is made with the shop regarding the booking of courses – this is done directly with the cake decorator who becomes the data controller.

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We do not give out any customer email addresses or telephone numbers to a third party.


All cake decorators filed under the Recommendations tab have given permission for their details to be included and there are links through to their websites. If a cake decorator ceases to trade, the link is deleted.


The privacy of your personal data is of the upmost importance to us. If you have any queries regarding this policy, please contact